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Superb Color, Excellent Ink Release and Sublimation Paper Performance

The Cooler Concepts DIGITALL S10 Series is the first Dye Sub paper with TACK, these specially engineered papers will adhere to the fabric during transfer, which will eliminate ghosting or loss of detail due to movement in the transfer process. This will help reduce production errors and increase quality. The tack is engineered so that the paper can be used in either a Flat-bed or Calendar heat press. Click here to review the S10 Sublimation Paper Data Sheet...

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Digital Sublimation Printer

TW Graphics is a full-service provider to some of the largest, well-known sportswear sublimation printing companies in the United States. Our services and support extend from the manufacturing of Manoukian screen printing sublimation inks and bases and extend to the finest in inkjet sublimation inks, papers, heat transfer equipment and inkjet printing equipment.

Whether your end application is fashion, displays or sportswear, TW Graphics' wide range of sublimation inks, paper and years of dedicated proven experience within the industry will yield your company results. Find out why the largest sportswear companies choose TW Graphics as their dye sub supplier.

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